From the Executive Director: How Students Get to School Matters
Every day, we make decisions about how we get from point A to point B.  Sometimes those decisions are pretty straightforward.  For example, if I am traveling to West Virginia for work, I will either drive or take a plane.  Other times, not so much.  Recently, I started training for a fall triathlon.  To train for the swimming leg of the event, I get in my car and drive to the pool.  It dawned on me one day why am I driving to the pool when I can just hop on my bike and ride?  I would not only save energy (not to mention money!), but get my cycling workout in as well. 
Joe Biluck, formerly the Director of Operations and Technology for Medford Township Public Schools, recalls the district's efforts to adopt biodiesel for their school bus fleet and discusses the benefits of switching to biodiesel.

Judi Lawson Wallace, the Safe Routes to School Coordinator for the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, discusses her community's efforts to adopt Safe Routes to School, including an emphasis on education for students and parents.

Margaux Mennesson, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, shares background on the Safe Routes to Schools movement, the role complete streets plays in Safe Routes to School, and how one community in Oklahoma is making Safe Routes to School a reality. 

Patricia Fryc, Colorado Outreach Specialist for Fire Up Your Feet, talks about her state's involvement in this unique competition, sponsored by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, that get students, parents, teachers, and staff moving before, during, and after school. 
Christine Koester with the Office of Transportation and Air Quality at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discusses how the agency is promoting cleaner school buses and reduced vehicle idling through their Clean School Bus USA program. 
Ronna Sable Weber, Executive Director of the National School Transportation Association shares how her organization's certification and awards programs are encouraging members to "go green." 
Walking school buses - reducing carbon emissions the old-fashioned way.  Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Elise Houghton. 
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