Enhancing Client-Centered Home Care 
Home care is evolving to incorporate new technology to improve the security and quality of care, both for direct care workers and those in need of care services. Here's a look at how the rise in home care technology can improve your client care:
Ensures Accuracy and Avoids Regulation Pitfalls
  • Accurately track home care visits, client verification and authorizations to help prevent fraud and ensure accurate and compliant billing to avoid any hiccups that may delay care. 
  • Avoid audits and compliance issues; for example, by sending management alerts before any training certifications expire. Learn more
  • Keep up to date with the constant changes in health care regulations while staying in compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, and other Managed Care Services.
Saves Time and Money 
  • Automated processes streamline administrative operations, eliminates manual labor and reduces human error; allowing service providers to concentrate on what matters most: high-quality care. 
  • Electronically store information in one place, where it is kept secure and available for immediate retrieval. Read more.
  • Receive real time mobile notifications and alerts to ensure direct care workers stay current with client services, authorizations, training, time management and more! 

Improves Communication and Quality of Care
  • Real-time calendar and scheduling can be shared from any location or device, keeping caregivers and clients in sync.
  • Mobile apps enhance communication with clients and their family members, significantly reducing worries and uncertainty about care. Learn more
  • Care providers who adopt technological innovations will be poised to meet the demand for in-home care for adults who choose to age in place. Read more on blog.
Our software platform saves agencies and service providers time and money, which can then be better spent focusing on quality of care and giving back to our caregivers.  
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