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Has 5G Been Made Safe?

This is How They Had Planned on Killing or Controlling Us in The Future with Depopulation and Mind Control

By Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris

This article is responding to

these below videos:

WARNING !! Del Bigtree Interviews 3 Medical Professional Incapacited by

COVID Injections

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Texas Senior Committee on State Affairs Hearing (Part 1)

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These top 2 videos need to be viewed by everyone.


The symptoms of the 3 women in the video after receiving the COVID vaccination -- mimics Parkinson's Disease, where you have shakes and other reactions from having too many heavy metals in the body -- especially the brain.


And I can bet you that those that took the COVID Vaccine in this video also received a massive amount of heavy metals in their bodies, which many are saying it was some type of EMF -- that is causing magnets to stick to the spot on your arm where the shot was injected and they are also experiencing a metallic taste in their mouths.

This is How They Were Going To Expose Everyone to Toxic 5G Radiation

They (aka "The Government") were on a path to do this, to purposely expose us to more radiation, however, supposedly since we are going into a new era (aka "New World") -- everything has changed so we need to watch this carefully and #QuestionEverything.

I was told by workers at T-mobile and Verizon that all the cell towers are being upgraded and within 6 months to a year, ALL PHONES, no matter which carrier you have (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile/Sprint) -- you will need to upgrade so they can communicate with the new 5G cell towers being installed everywhere.

This means that these phones will be full of 5G radiation, which is a heavy metal so they (aka "The Government") will probably be in a position to zap us at any time to make us sick or even kill us -- especially if you get out of line (#FreeSpeech).

So your phone won't work if you don't upgrade it. The goal is to learn now how to reduce the amount of radiation (aka 'Heavy Metals') you currently receive in your body by eating certain foods, drinking certain water, and taking certain supplements. Special Report coming soon.

What You Should Know About Cell Phone Towers

Supposedly, all the new 5G towers have been weakened and set to heal us instead of zapping us with more radiation.

The widespread use of cell phones in recent decades has led to a large increase in the number of cell phone towers (also known as base stations) being placed in communities.

During the shut-down these were placed in and around many, many neighborhoods, children's playgrounds, schools, hospitals, etc.

These towers have electronic equipment and antennas that receive and transmit cell phone signals using radiofrequency (RF) waves.

Cell phone towers are still relatively new, and many people are understandably concerned about whether the RF waves they give off might possibly have health effects.

At this time, there’s no strong evidence that exposure to RF waves from cell phone towers causes any noticeable health effects. However, this does not mean that the RF waves from cell phone towers have been proven to be absolutely safe.

Most expert organizations agree that more research is needed to help clarify this, especially for any possible long-term effects.

How Do Cell Phone Towers Expose People to Radio Frequencies

Cell phone base stations can be free-standing towers or mounted on existing structures, such as trees, water tanks, or tall buildings.

The antennas need to be high enough to adequately cover a certain area. Base stations are usually from 50 to 200 feet high.

Cell phones communicate with nearby cell towers mainly through RF waves, a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and microwaves.

Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, they are forms of non-ionizing radiation.

This means they do not directly damage the DNA inside cells, which is how stronger (ionizing) types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) rays are thought to be able to cause cancer.

Cancer is the second largest killer across every community so look for cases of cancer to increase in the future.

My Phone Service

I am a Nomad. I travel around the country in my 2019 Promaster Cargo Van teaching from the road at and

My topics are Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness. I am also a "Spiritual Intuitive," and a "Dating" and Love Coach" at

Because many Nomads (RVers, Van and Car Dwellers) will be living and working in remote jobs, their phones and internet service will be key for them.

It’s extremely important that most Nomads and everyone else, be able to make a phone call, especially in case of an emergency.

I use T-mobile for my phone service and I have the Verizon Mi-fi to get on the internet. I had a big, big interest in what is happening with both carriers.

I always wanted to just deal specifically with Verizon because for years, many of us heard it had the best service. However, for Nomads, many of us have figured out -- that it depends on what part of the country you are located in.

Three (3) Phone Carriers

There are currently only 3 cell phone carriers, which are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile. Sprint was acquired by T-mobile in 2018.

In 2018, T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans for a $26 billion merger combining the two companies into what would be a bigger No. 3 network -- behind Verizon and AT&T.


Most Nomads seem to have Verizon cell service and everyone has discussed having good service with it.

Many use Verizon for their Data Plan and other companies such as ATT, T-mobile/Sprint, etc. for their cell service. 


All the cell phone providers also offer data access by cell phone signal. You can get a data plan for your cell phone, or you can get a data plan that works just on your laptop and doesn’t have a voice plan at all.


It has the advantage of being cheaper. You can get a friend and family plan for your cell phone, and a data-only plan for your laptop.


There are two ways to get the signal into your laptop:

  • MIFI, this is a credit card-sized device that receives the cell data signal and rebroadcasts it as up to five WIFI signals. That means that up to five other devices can use that data signal. For example, your laptop, Kindle E-reader, Apple iPad, etc. can all be connected at the same time and you can still invite two family members or friends to use it as well. The cost is around $50 a month for 5 Gigs of data, but they also have an $80 a month plan for 10 Gigs. 
  • Another device to get data into your laptop is a Data Stick. It is used for only one laptop at a time and most often connects by the USB port of your laptop, but you can also get them that slide into a slot in your laptop.

Both of these work well, but I think the MIFI (also called “Jetpack”) is a much better choice because it offers you a lot more flexibility. Try the above before going out and buying the expensive weBoost cell phone system that can cost more than $400. 


The reason weBoost is not as effective as an external antenna is the “Boosters” also add noise to the signal being boosted. This is not an issue with voice, but can severely slow down data transmissions. 


Remember that you can get better connections over “HOTSPOTS”. The weBoost is for sure better than nothing, but a very good MIMO antenna (cost is around $30), which most hotspots can handle, will typically yield BETTER RESULTS with your data needs.


Some Nomads have added MIMO antennas, which allows them to use multiple carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. Even though Verizon is good for overall coverage, most Nomads are reporting that Verizon and AT&T are better in the west and T-mobile and Sprint is better in the east, but many are using at least TWO cell and data services in order to be hooked up to cell and internet while traveling full-time. 

RV Parks Cell Service

Many of the RV parks or when boondocking, you will have a WEAK cell phone signal. Remember that cell phone bars don’t matter but speed does when it comes to making a call or using data.


Some of the campgrounds might charge you $8 a day for faster cell phone service, but it still might not work. 

When boondocking especially, if you don’t have a cell signal, go somewhere where you can hike out at night in case something happens. And always point your vehicle toward the exit in case you have to jump in the front seat and exit the area.


If You Have A Tight Budget

You can use FREE wifi hotspots all across the country. There are businesses that offer free WIFI in order to get customers to come to their place of business (coffee shops, malls, whole and health food stores, libraries, book stores, etc.). So if you have a TIGHT BUDGET, that’s the way to go.


Usually, it is a very fast internet connection but also remember that it is not completely secure and can be hacked and your data can be captured.

And there is not always FREE wifi nearby. You may have to drive some distance to find it and burn the extra gas or do without the internet. 

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