Nov/Dec 2021
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How This Mom Kept Her Son
from Dropping Out
My son Josh is a kind and sweet young man but has always been shy and introverted. I was extremely concerned that he would drop out of high school because it was such an awful experience for him. He is very bright, but traditional school was not a fit for him. 
10 Questions Parents Need to Ask of Their School’s Independent Study Program 
Just like the oxymoron “jumbo shrimp,” independent study is incongruous as a term because when implemented correctly, this style of learning surrounds students with support and resources, rather than leaving them to learn on their own. Here’s what parents need to know:
What if Every Student Received an
Individual Education Plan (IEP)?
We know that children don’t learn and absorb material in the same manner, so why couldn’t every student get individualized attention – not just students with disabilities? Here’s why it’s a good idea.
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