Video Brochures Fill Your Sales Funnel
Pre-pandemic we had tried and true marketing methods including Q1 trade shows and in-person visits to ensure meaningful engagement with prospects and clients. These successful strategies had to be shelved for the past two years. Mindsets shifted to available options including cold calling, email blasts, and the relatively new video brochure.

Cold calling, or “dialing for dollars”, typically results in countless voicemails and low ROI. Email blasts provide a similarly poor outcome, with marketing teams doing celebration cartwheels when they receive a 1% - 2% response.

Video Brochures on the other hand performed very differently. Clients experienced open rates of nearly 100%. Nobody wants to throw away a video brochure, and response rates were typically near 70%.

Here’s some good news: Our video-enabled marketing products overcome those challenges.

  • They’re door openers for salespeople
  • Recipients think marketers who use them are brilliant
  • They get watched, shared and responded to more often than other marketing media
  • Videos are the most effective form of communication when in-person visits are restricted
  • They’re tangible media that your prospects will actually enjoy receiving

With our Video Marketing Products, your company will overcome the communication challenges of 2022 and blow your competitors away.
This Month's Case Study:
SBE Entertainment Group
SBE Entertainment Group is a privately owned hospitality company that develops, manages and operates 5-star resorts, hotels, residences, restaurants and nightclubs.

With a goal of announcing new resort properties to their target audience, they collaborated with us to create an attention-grabbing, unforgettable Hardcover Video Brochure that was worthy of the class and style indicative of how they operate.

After distributing them, they reported a significant increase in new property bookings, and they’ve continued using them in their marketing campaigns ever since.

To learn more about why they’re so effective and how we can help you successfully use them, contact us at
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