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Today's Business Tip
How To Avoid A Payroll
Phishing Scam (Per The FBI)

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The FBI recently issued a new warning about individuals who are targeting an organization’s payroll system via direct deposit. Although any business can be scammed, the industries hit most often are:

  • Commercial Airlines
  • Education
  • Healthcare

How An Organization Is Typically Attacked.

The person(s) get your organization’s payroll or HR system’s login to replace your direct deposit information with his or her own.

How Does It Start?

Everything begins when an employee receives an e-mail that looks familiar to them. Although the format of the e-mail is typically not an exact match, it does look valid. Here is what happens next:

  • The employee clicks on a link within the e-mail that redirects the person to a fraudulent site or portal.
  • The employee enters his or her work credentials to confirm their identity.
  • After the employee enters his or her information, the fraudster then uses their “login ID” and “password” to change the employee’s direct deposit information in the company’s HR/payroll system. They even go so far as to change their account settings, i.e., e-mail address, to ensure they don’t get an e-mail warning them of the change(s).

To Visit The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center Click This Link: .

How To Reduce The Chances Of Your Payroll/HR System From Being Hacked.


  • Talk with your payroll manager, HR director, and/or IT department about any suspicious looking e-mail. Look for the following: Bad grammar, misspelled words, footers that don’t match your organization’s “official” look, etc.
  • Send a copy of the suspicious looking e-mail to the person/department that oversees your payroll system.
  • If the e-mail includes any type of link(s) to website, hover your mouse over the link and confirm the URL is the same as that used by the payroll service/HR system. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, do not click on this link.


  • Teach your employees what a phishing payroll scam is, how to identify one, and most importantly, how to avoid one.
  • Require all employee login passwords get changed every 90-days.
  • Use a two-factor authentication process.
  • Create an internal process that flags an account/employee when their banking information is changed.

Executive Summary:  Taking the extra steps with your staff and IT department will go a long way to help prevent fraud from happening to your business. Although no one can guarantee your system(s) won’t get hacked, the steps outlined above will at least help you reduce your chances.
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The co-worker next to you is sneezing, coughing and looking downright miserable. What’s worse is this: Everything they come in contact with, i.e., break room, sink faucets, printers, copiers, water fountains, etc. is littered with tons of their germs and bacteria. 

According To The SBA, Employees Who Had The Flu Take An Average Of Just 2.7 Sick Days!

To help prevent the spread of germs at your business, health experts suggest distributing hand sanitizer to each employee, and posting signs in break rooms and restrooms that encourage frequent hand washing. 

Everyone has a lot of work to do, but honestly, it would be best if a sick co-worker just stayed home.
Small Business Update: OSHA DOES Apply To You
If you manage safety for a small business, you still need to comply with OSHA regulations, including:

  • Conducting required safety training on Hazcom, PPE, forklifts and more.
  • Creating written safety plans for HazCom, respirators, and more.
  • Keeping OSHA-required records.
  • Tracking incidents and posting OSHA Form 300A annually.

OSHA provides small businesses with numerous resources:

  • Descriptions of benefits that small businesses receive from OSHA.
  • Easy-to-follow guides for specific OSHA standards.
  • Safety and health tools and publications.

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6 Questions To Help
Generate Accurate
W-2 Forms

Many things will affect the accuracy of your staffs’ W-2 information. Here are six questions to consider:
  • Did any of your employees move and update their mailing address?
  • Did you have a new medical, dental, or vision policy in 2018?
  • Will you be issuing any commission checks, bonus checks, or year-end adjustments in cash?
  • Did you have a 401(k), HSA, FSA, Life Insurance, or Short/Long Term Disability payout(s)?
  • Are there any fringe benefits that count as wages, i.e., personal use of a vehicle, gift cards, or cash bonuses?
  • Will the owner(s) have to report a “Shareholder Health” amount?
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