Wit and Wisdom 198 | December 2017
How To Be A Really Successful Coach – Advanced Coaching Day
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One of the saddest things about being a coach is seeing other coaches not making it. In the US coaches are up there on Mount Olympus dining with the Gods. An American coach can earn $10,000 a day or even by the hour. They are up there with top lawyers, medical professionals and celebrities. You can't move for them flapping around in their endless ranches, beach side villas clad in white Lycra, glinting teeth and smugness.

We will catch them up as we always do. But in the meantime it's pointless spending thousands of pounds on your coaching course and training to be a ninja skilled coach and end up getting one client a month and going back to the day job. We are not paid-for friends.
I have been a coach for 15 years and have had the down times when it was tough to earn a crust but learned how to go from limping along to an effortless flow of new clients and even sometimes a waiting list and having high price tag packages too.

So don't give up the day dream and go back to the day job.

Join me and a host of coaching experts and gurus who will help you kick start your coaching practice and show you the insider know how on creating and abundant practice. You don't need to study more, do NLP, CBT nor hypnotherapy. You can have more degrees than a thermometer and still not get clients. It all comes from you and your confidence and commercial nous.

You need know how from the folk who have been there. If you have wasted time and money on courses that don't deliver you need look no more. I have been training people to become world class coaches for four years and we all need top ups and to nip and tuck our businesses to keep us relevant and agile.
So this is a one day workshop for you.
How To Be A Really Successful Coach - Advanced Coaching Day
I will be there in person kicking off with stock take of your practice and ensuring you have everything in place. Then I shall take you through the Advanced Coaching skills of being a intuitive coach and using your instinct to be a world class coach that attracts amazing clients.
Our speakers include:
Darrin Salt
“You are amazing – And your tech should be as well”

“You have a great business, but what can you do to ensure as it grows, you aren’t held back by your tech. In this talk, Darrin will be looking at the essentials for any business owner when it comes to choosing and using tech, some tips on what to do, how to do it well and how to ensure you keep it all running smoothly while staying safe in an online world.”

Darrin is passionate about helping business owners grow their business through the smart use of technology.
He knows that by investing in the latest tech, apps and communications, an entrepreneurial business can out-compete and that this can all be done in an affordable way. Darrin and his team have been helping business owners for over 28 years and supporting businesses from start-ups through to explosive growth enterprises. He is passionate about diversity and believes that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to run a thriving business and be rewarded for their efforts. In his spare time, you’ll find him rustling up something in the kitchen or planning his next big adventure.
Lou Hamilton
"Empire Building: The Octopus Principle"

Lou Hamilton is an Octopus: artist, filmmaker, coach, writer, columnist, Brave New Girl creator, author, apparel designer.

Her book Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless is published by Orion Spring and her next book, a self-coaching guide FEAR LESS is out in April 2018.

Her mission is to use creativity under the banner of Brave New You to help people fear less and be more.  www.brave-new-you.com
Carole Bozkurt
"Find and Attract High End Clients"

There is one thing I know to be true that every business owner has the right to have a fulfilling and financially rewarding business. BUT it is not going to happen without knowledge, support and accountability.

I have worked with many coaches, consultants and heart-centred business owners who go from earning hundreds of pounds per month to thousands of pounds per month and to the position of running 6 and 7 figure-a-year businesses – and if I can help them to do it, I can help you do the same!
I have 20+ years marketing and sales experience. In my last corporate role I headed up marketing for the Financial Management Division for Europe for the largest actuarial consultancy in the world. Prior to that I worked for a company that pioneered executive coaching in the UK, working closely with FTSE 100 company leaders. I have an MA in marketing and am CIM qualified.
Anita Wong
"Social Media 101 The Secrets you didn't know about!"

So, you've been told you need to be on Facebook to get visible but you've been there, tried that and still no new clients! 

My name is Anita Wong and I've been helping entrepreneurs such as yourselves, for the last 5 years, to bypass their competition and gain new clients using Social media.

I recently completed the Life Coaching course with Pure Academy to increase my offer as a visibility coach and love helping business owners take control of their own visibility.
Guiding and mentoring them to fully understand the power of social media and how it can help you attract, engage and convert your audience into clients.

I also offer bespoke web design which equally enhances a business owner's online visibility and love nothing more than to be sat next to an entrepreneur, guiding them on how to maximise their own visibility to attract, engage and convert clients using a content rich SEO validated website.
Please note this is a day workshop for fully trained coaches it is not a coach training experience.
Pure Coaching Academy 2018
If you are reading this and want 2018 to be the year you finally found your “thing” - why not consider training to be a world class life coach. Read more here.
Take it easy - but take it.

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