How To Turn On
Code on your iBox BT LE
COVID-19 continues to present numerous issues as real estate professionals navigate through this health emergency. One of the issues we have been asked about and want to share with everyone is how to turn on the Call Before Showing code feature on the iBox.
When Call Before Showing (CBS) is enabled on the iBox, showing agents will need a code from the listing agent in order to open the iBox, obtain the key and show the property.

To help you through the process of turning on this feature on your lockbox, the MetroList training department has created a How To Enable Call Before Showing flyer and a two minute training videoThe one caveat to turning the Call Before Showing code feature is that you must be physically present with the keybox. It is important that if you have added the CBS feature to your iBox, please include this information in your Showing Instructions field.

As health orders and policies continue to be updated by the various counties served by MetroList, we encourage you to check with your local health officials on how their orders impact the listing and showing of real estate.

It is also important to check with your broker and other resources, such as your local and state associations, that have developed new forms and other information in response to COVID-19.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy!
Click on the video below to watch the 2 minute
How to Enable "Call Before Showing" Code
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