Issue 62 May 2020

 --Larry Hayes< CEO/Publisher A050
Letter To Publisher:
" How To Pay For Major Medical Bills That You're Unable To Pay?"
"This question was recently posed in Ask Larry about how to pay for major medical bills. Several options were offered but one option was missing and often dismissed and that is Medi-Cal. People over 65 years of age qualify differently than for those under 55. Over 65, there is no income test just an asset limit but there are some major assets that don’t count such as the home and more." T o learn more, contact Dedra Jize, OT, CSA at the Law Office of Litherland, Kennedy and Associates to see if Medi-Cal may help you with the catastrophic cost of care. 408.356.9200 Visit Our Site

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is written by Larry Hayes, Founder/CEO of ActiveOver50.
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One of the best kept secrets in senior housing is the Villages Golf & Country Club in San Jose, the only active adult community in Silicon Valley. Home to over 4,000 residents living in 2,309 condos and single family homes scattered throughout 550 secluded and scenic acres. Lots of activities, clubs and fun things to do. Prices from $400,000 to $1,000,000+

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Amazing story of adult literacy pioneer Ruth Colvin who in 1962 started a national literacy organization, Literacy Volunteers of America (now ProLiteracy) to help adults learn to read and write in 26 developing countries-- without having a teaching degree or experience. She shares her secrets of longevity and health and how she remains positive today after losing the love of her life after 73 years of marriage.

" Since this terrible pandemic, many of us are living alone, adapting to new ways of living. To me, attitude is most important and it's not easy to be positive about this. Instead of feeling loneliness, I've chosen to like solitary times and it's given me the opportunity to look back at my early life. From full busy days to lonely boring days, people are reaching out to old friends and helping each other. I say that age is just a number and I have a big number. What you do with your number is what counts". Available for purchase:
A Message To Our Readers About The Future Of ActiveOver50

Every business has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic including ActiveOver50. With our nation suffering 100K+ deaths and depression-level unemployment, it would be "unsustainable and irresponsible" for me to conduct business as usual.

As a result, I've suspended our quarterly magazine for the rest of the year. Instead of publishing a magazine 4 times annually, I'm now publishing a new, monthly online publication-- The Scoop-- 12 times a year . Every month.

Featuring a new "look & feel," The Scoop will include the same relevant and useful content that has made ActiveOver50 the leading publication and website for boomers and seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 15 years.

Thank you for your loyal readership and continued support all these years. In both good and bad times. Stay safe and keep smiling. We will get through this together.

--Larry Hayes, Founder & CEO, ActiveOver50 media

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