How to Use Your Recommended Vendors Lists

#132, April 12, 2017

 Read on for 
   *  a Tip for planning your wedding & party music, 
   *  details for our next Public Event. 
   *  and another quick Video. 

If you need wedding or party music right now, 
and tell me about the mood you're looking for.

But first, let me tell you a little story.

"I'm sorry we missed entertaining at your event 
this time, but thanks anyway for giving me $50."

That's how I ended many of my early phone calls. 
These used to be my all-time favorite calls.

Well, No, I probably never said this out loud, 
but  I used to think it every time I hung up.


Way back in the 1970s, I was just starting out 
and knew from nothing about running a business.

Then I learned how to track my "numbers". 

It was just to keep an eye on how I was doing. 

I kept whatever worked and changed whatever didn't.

You're doing this too, right?  We all do. 

In those pre-email days, I telephoned a lot.
I noticed that I was booking the band every 8th 
phone call, and our average fee was $400.

Do the math.  I was making $50 per call. 
Every call.  

And it felt SO good to remind myself each time. 
Wouldn't you love it too?

Do you track YOUR numbers at all?  It gives you 
an interesting picture of your business, right?

One-sided, maybe, but useful, if you're cautious.

These days I have a new favorite phone call.   
It's much better.  It ends something like this:

"Thanks for calling.  Great talking with you.  
I look forward to entertaining your guests, 
and I'm glad you found us on your planner's 
Recommended Vendors List."

Recommended Vendors List!

Why do I like Recommended Vendors Lists?

Whatever you're involved in, I bet you have one, 
and I bet your clients love using it.   

For them, it makes finding services easy and effective. 
(BIG TIP for brides-to-be and wedding & event planners) 

For me, Vendors Lists are the TOP reason why brides-to-be, 
wedding coordinators, and event planners call us. 

Many SF Bay Area facilities and event planners  
include us in their Recommended Vendors lists.
And I'll be honored to be included in yours, too.

If you already list us, thanks for your endorsement.

If you don't list us yet, please start with this:

Magnolia Jazz Band, 

Want more details?  Reply, or call 408-245-9120, 
or shoot me a note on  my Facebook profile

So here's that tip I promised you:  
Assemble your own "Recommended Vendors" List.  
And join some other lists.   And join mine.  

My list includes colleagues I love working with 
and who do an outstanding job for their clients.

I can add YOU to my own Recommended Vendors List. 
Most of my clients tell me they love using it. 
My list will help MY clients find YOU.

You should like that.  Interested?  Tell me more. 
I look forward to talking with you soon.  Especially 
when you need music for a wedding or a party.  

Because  you'll give me my favorite phone call!

And now that we're talking about 
planning wedding & party music...
Easter Sunday and Mothers Day are just ahead, 
and you might be involved with planning an 
exciting holiday celebration.

And if you or a friend are engaged to get 
married, you might also be involved with 
planning the wedding.

Perhaps both. 

So the next time you or a friend 
are  looking 
upbeat, elegant music
played the way you want, 
think of us.

Where can you preview us?  Here  (see details below,
and call 408-245-9120 about last-minute additions.)

Friday, May 12, 6:30-8:00pm
" Women at the Center Honors Patron Cocktail Party,
San Francisco Junior League major fundraising event,
Ritz Carlton Hotel,  600 Stockton, at California , San Francisco
Prepaid Reservation Required.   RSVP

Caterer? Wedding or Event Planner? Bride? Groom? 
Enjoy the festive mood we'll create.  You'll  hear the
popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites. 
Please stop by and say Hi.

So whenever the time is right for you, please  
and tell me about the mood you're looking for.

I'm on many lists of friends I meet in networking groups.  
Watch me talk about preparing for a networking meeting. 

Let's chat soon.  


Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Elegant, Upbeat Music for Weddings and Parties"  

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