November 15th, 2019
By Rob Ramage, OptConnect Support Engineer

Micro markets require connectivity to allow customers to pay at the kiosk, check their account balance, report inventory levels, allow diagnostics, update firmware, provide sales data and more.

The connection types include local Internet connections, local Wi-Fi, purchased air cards, MiFi, jetpack, purchased hardware and data plans and fully managed solutions. It’s important to evaluate the benefits of each one to figure out which option will fit your needs in order to reduce downtime, speed up the installation time, cut down service calls, provide help with troubleshooting, save money and generate more revenue.

Based on your company’s needs and how many resources that are being allocated for communications, an evaluation of the listed pros and cons should help determine which method of connectivity works best for you.

U-Select-It Inc. has introduced its PUSH-IT tray delivery system to allow operators to increase profitability by vending larger, high margin products while also creating operating efficiencies. With no coils, PUSH-IT allows for greater capacity per selection and is adaptable to a wide variety of premium products, including different types, sizes, weight, and form factors.

For example, in USI’s Alpine 5000 Elevator cold food and beverage merchandiser, with PUSH-IT, five 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch square 12-ounce jars of Doughp, ready-to-eat cookie dough can fit per selection, while only four jars fit per selection with a standard coil. Likewise, of the smaller 2-inch diameter round 2-ounce jars of Doughp, nine jars fit per selection with PUSH-IT, while only eight jars fit per selection with a standard coil.

Pyramid Technologies, Inc. and Nayax Ltd . have partnered to create an "all-in-one" cash and cashless payment solution called Apex Fusion.

The Apex Fusion mounts directly onto a Pyramid Technologies point-of-sale Apex 7000 bill validator and eliminates the need for multiple peripherals that other POS payment devices require.

Customers can pay with cash, credit card, tap-and-go, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other payment solutions using the Apex Fusion.

Pyramid Technologies’ bill acceptors can accept up to $100 bills, according to the company’s 7000 bill acceptor installation and operation manual.

USA Technologies recently announced enhancements to its Seed Delivery software that enables office coffee delivery businesses to replace paper-based invoices with iPads, postage with email, and phone ordering with self-service web ordering.

The software can provide the opportunity for USAT customers to decrease operational costs by giving them the ability to obtain orders from and invoice their customers, as well as track the status of outstanding invoices in a more efficient and competitive manner.

Enhanced billing tools   now enable operators to customize their invoice format, payment terms and early payment discount for each customer and location, allowing operators to create invoices that combine multiple delivery points into a single invoice.

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