Over the last 20 years of working with investigators, I have seen many investigators waste their marketing dollars because they have not identified their market. One of the first questions I ask a prospective client is, “who is your market?” Unfortunately, they usually say, “everybody” or “I don’t know.” It is a waste of time and money to market to the wrong market or “everybody” because everybody is not your market. When you try to talk to everybody, you speak to nobody. 

Before I can do any marketing plan for a client, I know I must first help them identify their market. If I do not know their market, there is no way possible I can put together an effective marketing or sales plan for them. It would be like trying to hit the bullseye while wearing a blindfold.

Marketers try to sell what they have to investigators daily, and so many investigators get caught in their web. When you think back to when a marketing salesperson called you, did they ask who your market is or just try to sell you what they provide? I am sure you are saying, “They just tried to sell me what they provide.” The problem with this is that they do not know if their solution is effective for you without knowing your market. 

The second problem I have found is many marketers may have a solution that would work for you. However, they do not understand your business. If a marketer does not understand your business, how could they ever effectively market it? 

Actual Example: Your market is Personal Injury Attorneys, and a marketer puts out information for data forensics and criminal defense. Would this speak to your market? Of course not! It would confuse them about what you do.

So, when it comes to marketing, you need a company that will help you identify your market, understand how to reach that market and understand your business. Otherwise, you are wasting your marketing dollars. 

True Perceptions is a rarity because we have been helping investigators for 20 years. We know how to help you identify your market, understand how to reach your market, and develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns. We also thoroughly understand your business and know the verbiage you need to use to turn your marketing plan and message into one that generates revenue. 

If you need to market your business and do not want to waste any more money or time, call True Perceptions at 678-583-0401 or email me directly at diana.garren@trueperceptions.com.