Blend In Or Stand Out!
Picking the Best Log Home Color Combos
There are many great things about log homes that make them appealing to the owners and future owners. Usually at the top is the look and design of the log home, capturing the spirit of the frontier and settling the wild west. Sometimes a custom home, sometimes an ordered home from a builder, but definitely a chosen home for the owners. Achieving this look is completed with the final design choice - the color of the log stain and log sealant. 

On occasion, our team is asked “What color should I choose?” While it’s up to you as the homeowner, our color selection is unmatched and we can give recommendations. Then owners have the follow-up question: “What color of sealant goes with this?” There are so many different combinations possible, it’s hard for us to answer for the owners. 
A few tips and tricks on working towards a dust-free log home and preventative measures homeowners can take.
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Ultra-7 Turns Ten!

Introduced ten years ago, Lifeline Ultra-7 quickly became the premier finish for log and timber homes. Ultra-7 improved coverage rates and added even more color options for the Lifeline family.

Wayne Bell of Log Home Care finished this project ten years ago in Avon, Ohio. Click the button below to see more pictures of the project.
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