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HR Service Spotlight
How To Hire An HR Pro
For Just $49/Month
Greetings From AccuPay Payroll:
Do you own or manage a business that needs help with HR compliance; however, it can't afford to hire a $75,000/year HR director?

If so, you need to learn more about our dedicated HR on-demand program for just $49 a month.

Hire An HR Manager For $49/Month.
That's right; for only $49/month, you can get access to a full HR support center to help you reduce employee turnover and employee-related lawsuits. Here are the core features of what you'll receive:

  1. On-line training for your HR team.
  2. HR Admin suite (forms and templates). 
  3. A review of your policies by an HR professional.
  4. Access to a live HR advisor 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ET.
  5. Proactive info sharing via e-mail.

You will also have the...

  • Ability to create an employee's I-9 form and policies.
  • Ability to create a defined harassment and discrimination policies.
  • Ability to create a defined social distancing policy.
  • Ability to create a defined PTO Policy.
  • Ability to create an employee handbook review.
  • And tons more.

Plus, You'll Receive Excellent Support Via Phone, e-Mail, Or Real-Time Chat.

HR is getting more and more complex, and quite frankly, overwhelming. But ignoring your company's HR needs can and will lead to costly penalties, employee turnover, and employee lawsuits. To learn more, contact us today for a free demonstration.
Request A Free
15-Minute Demonstration
If you, or someone from your team is looking for a low-cost HR solution, request a free 15-minute demonstration today to learn about:

  • How we help you stay compliant with federal and state laws that affect your organization.
  • How we help you comply with state-specific mandated harassment prevention courses.
  • How we help you build customized employee handbooks.
  • How to access customizable templates, HR forms, and documents.
  • A list of on-demand HR training videos.
  • And tons more!
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Besides doing a great job at processing a company's payroll, we can offer you and your employees a complete suite of services and HR solutions (see below):

To learn more about the services above, contact us today.
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