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 I don't know about you, but September certainly crept up on me! This month also marks the end of the third quarter. As always, I want to ensure that you are feeling on track and confident in your investment portfolios. Please contact me with any inquiries or requests for a consultation, and I would be happy to listen to you.  Stay safe, stay warm (shouldn't be an issue in Florida!), enjoy the sunshine, and stay calm during the pre-holiday rush season! 

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"It's hard enough to support yourself nowadays, so what happens when you're faced with the prospect of supporting your parents?..."


Is there a retirement lesson to be learned from watching The Olympic Games? Plus, this RetireWise monthly news feature weighs in on whether Long-term Care can be truly beneficial or if it is a waste of your money - and the reasoning behind those beliefs.

Stock prices were mixed during the month as investors kept an eye on oil prices and looked to Fed Officials for direction on Interest Rate Policy.