"No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship."

- James Comer
For any meaningful, significant change to take place, we know leaders in k-12 and higher ed have to understand what people in their organization like, question, and wonder about in terms of their experiences. Once it’s uncovered, we have to roll up our sleeves alongside them to help define it in their context and see the potential in strategies they may not have previously considered. Finally, we have to accelerate best practices, develop a culture of innovation, and be relentless in terms of celebrating results. The great stuff of any turnaround is built on a foundation of winning the heart, challenging the status quo, and having the courage and conviction to expect and deliver more than others think is possible. Together we can figure out most anything, and it starts with clear outcomes, measures, and supports that are tethered to significant, trusting relationships.

Watch this one-minute video to learn three ways to turn your team’s vision into your organization’s cultural DNA.
Curious about organizations that embrace a bold vision and build it into the fabric of company culture? Get inspired with these 10 bold ideas:
The Frenship Independent School District in Wolfforth and Lubbock, Texas, turned its vision into action. The district collaborated with the community and business partners to find an innovative and safe solution for learning during the pandemic. Providing mobile wifi hotspots through the district didn’t solve all their problems. The district was faced with a hardware gap in its student population. The district smartly invested in multiple FUYL Towers and cloud-based smart lockers. The system provided a “zero-touch” model to deploy and maintain mobile devices during remote learning. When a student or faculty member needed a device, district IT teams digitally provided them with a 4-digit PIN code to access an individual compartment at one of their FUYL Towers. The district could also retrieve broken devices and restock the Tower with new devices as needed.
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