Warning: 99% of social media policies fail in court

because their personal use of social media policies did not

comply with the new federal policy drafting standards.

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(Comply With New Federal Standards)

Top Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz gives you expert policy drafting strategies that help you comply with the new federal policy standards.

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Podcast: How To Write An Airtight Personal Use Of Social Media Policy

Instructor: 33 year Digital Media Attorney

Mark Fiedelholtz

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What You Walk Away With...

  • Avoid the biggest mistake that invalidates your personal social media policy.

  • Identify hidden liabilities in the new federal policy language standards.

  • 3 drafting strategies that create a strong policy infrastructure.

  • Write off-duty "Free Speech" policies without fear of vagueness claims.

  • More strategies that avoid costly negligent policy drafting claims.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is Placing Blind Trust

On A Model Social Media Policy That Isn't Written By

A 33-Year Digital Media Attorney Like Me...

Revealing Statistics: Out of 150 social media policies I recently updated, 100% failed to comply with the new federal policy language standards, especially regarding personal use of social media policies. Most surprising was that most of the model social media policies I updated came from reputable policy services. The root problem is, these policies were not written by attorneys who are 33-year digital media law specialists like me.

"Mark, I hope we never end up in court defending ourselves over an online “incident”, but if we do, I’m very happy to have the policies you’ve guided us on." 

Attorney Greg Gibson

City of Lawton, OK

“Great job. Our city manager approved your Social Media Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process is greatly appreciated.”

Pat Cabrera, Clerk

City of Las Vegas, NV

"I appreciate your collaboration on rebuilding our social media policy to make it more robust and legally defensible. The price was more than reasonable for the level of service you provide, and we will

definitely be using your services again."

Lt. Barbara Ferrara, Compliance and Training, West Texas A&M University

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