Tuesday, August 06, 2019
Crazy Quilting!
Crazy Quilting the Modern Way

How to Crazy Quilt the Modern Way. Using a sewing machine and all of its built in stitch you can creative a one of a kind "Crazy Fan Quilt"

How to Crazy Quilt With Hope Yoder

Hope Yoder will help guide you through two BASIC principals for flawless crazy quilting. It's all about line angles and the center 5-sided piece. Remember the movie "Buzz Lightyear"? What was his famous line? If you guessed, "To INFINITY and beyond" you are correct.
How to Sew a Crazy Quilt Square Using Your Sewing Machine

Crazy quilting can be so much fun! After piecing together your square with different fabrics, you can embellish your crazy quilt squares just about any way you want - hand embroidery, beading, machine embroidery, ribbons, etc. This is how you make the piece completely your own, and it's such a creative way to do a quilt square, so have fun with it!
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