Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Modify your ironing board to a quilter's rectangle!
Modifying your ironing board to a rectangle is easier than you thought. Matt from Jordan Fabrics will show you how.
All you need is a piece of 3/4" smooth surface playwood any size you want, batting a fabric.

How to Build a Pressing Board for Quilting and Sewing with Leah Day!

Learn how to build a firm pressing board that's perfect for pressing your quilt fabrics and patchwork blocks in this new quilting tutorial with Leah Day.

Cotton Fabric with Heat Reflective Coating

Instead of using canvas or regular fabric for your DIY Ironing Board why try cotton fabric with Heat Reflective Coating. This is also grate for Pot Holders, Oven Mitts and other crafts.

Two more great products to cover your existing ironing board or use on your new DIY Boards!
Bonash Giant Ironslide 2000 Ironing Board Cover

The “Fit & Stick” cover is made from a space-age fabric that reflects the heat of your iron BACK to the garment. Effectively ironing both sides at once. Not only that, “Fit & Stick” actually sticks to your ironing board so it doesn’t move around when you’re ironing. Just trim to fit.

**Made to fit The Big Board, 63in x 27in.

**Fits any size board and comes with its own foam pad

**Easy to keep clean, resistant to fusibles, starches and interfacings

**Reflects 300% more heat than a regular cotton cover and… stays put.

Wooly Felted
Ironing Board Cover
20" x 54"

Use this 100% wool Ironing Board Cover to get the best pressing results ever!

Use the enclosed hardware and elastic to securely wrap the Wooly Felted Ironing Board Cover around your standard ironing board. 
Have a large flat surface such as a Big Board? Just pin the cover to it using Glass Head Pins!

~Steam Block Machine & Hand Embroidery & Knitting Projects~
~Press & Steam Block Quilt Squares & Quilts~
Do you love Steam? No Problem! Should the natural odor of sheep come through, the Wooly Wonder Neutralizer Formula and Mister that we’ve included will take care of that for you!

15 Minute Italian Summer Garden Pasta

For the pasta lovers!

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