Tuesday, February 04, 2020
Curved Piecing
Piecing Curves

Curves add motion and interest to your patchwork projects. This video will help you master the curve seam with tips and tricks.
Curves by
Karla Alexander

Karla shows you how to cut curves easily using the Circle Savy Ruler by Creative Grids.
Curved Piecing

Rob teaches you a simple, cool technique to quilt curves. This is Ricky Tims' "Caveman Style" of sewing with curves.
Super Easy Curves

Donna for Jordan fabrics show you a super easy way to do curves!

Valentine's Cookies

These gorgeous heart-shaped biscuits are ideal for Valentine's Day and are incredibly fun to make! Using the flood and line technique with royal icing, you can create all sort of exciting effects in the icing such as hearts, lips, stripes and dots. The icing then dries hard, giving a great result.