Tuesday, Februry 05, 2019
Quilt Basting

You have finished your quilt and now you need to layer and best - not everyone's favourite part. Here are a few options to get the job done!
How to spray baste a quilt!

This is probably one of the quickest ways to baste a quilt. No pins, no stretching, no hand basting...you get the idea.
505  Fabric Adhesive

Save hours by using 505 as a temporary bond. Marvellous for basting quilts. Also great for embroidery, providing a temporary adhesive for your stabilizer. The larger can contains double the product and because of the size, there is more propellant, emptying the can more efficiently, returning your investment with another 20% more glue.
Small $16.99
Large $31.99
Basting without kneeling!

Save your knees and your back using this easy method of pin basting. Instead of strips of wood or dowelling, you can also use pool noodles!
Quilt Basting Basics Made Easy

Watch Rob's easy-to-follow demonstration of how to baste a quilt top, batting, and backing together. He uses a sampler quilt, blue painter's tape, clamps, spray baste, curved safety pins, a quick clip tool, and bicycle clamps.
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