Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Sewing Machines
The Secret Life of the Sewing Machine

Here is an awesome old show where Tim Hunkin explains the history and mechanics of the sewing machine. At one point, Tim demonstrates the main princples of the machine by making a huge human sewing machine. I highly recommend this for beginners sewists especially but also to anybody who loves machines and/or sewing!
10 Sewing Tips from the Experts | National Sewing Circle

Ellen March presents ten expert sewing tips that you may not already know. See what techniques she demonstrates that you will find useful. Learn new sewing tips and see what other experts in sewing are doing to create professional pieces.
Next Clinic Thursday, February 14
Please have your machines at the store by
Wednesday February 13 at 5:30 pm
*Please note, effective March 1, there is a price increase of $15 for our sewing machine maintenance to $135 for machines and $140 for sergers.
 Unfortunately, we will no longer sharpen scissors. 
Roasted Winter Root Vegetables

Perfect side dish for any meal.