Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Hanging & Storing your quilts.
How to add Sleeves & Tabs to your Quilts

Rob shows us how to make sleeves and tabs to hang and display art quilts on the wall.

Hang It Dang It

The Fast and Easy way to hang your quilt straight and level! The hang it dang it quilt hanger will hang your quilt in less than a minute using the recommended way of a quilt sleeve on the back of your quilt. It's guaranteed not to damage your quilt in any way, and guaranteed for life against defects in material and workmanship.

Small - 21" x 35" $40.99
Medium - 35" x 63" - $69.99
Large - 63" x 104" $74.99
Tips for Storing Quilts

Mary gives you lessons on sewing straight lines, making flying geese units and cutting fabric like a pro, and now you have a lot of quilts at home. So how do you store them properly? That's the question Mary answers in this episode of Quilty. Mary tells you why you need to store your quilts properly and how to do that.
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