Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Ruler Storage

We continue our hints and tips for organizing your sewing room with some great ideas for getting your rulers up off your table but still close at hand.

There is always wasted space behind doors. Why not hang a pegboard that you can hang your rulers, scissors and cutters for safekeeping.

Pegboards and hooks can be purchases from your local Home Depot, Rona or any other building supply store. You can even paint and frame them.
Ruler Racks are another way to keep your rulers off the table and right where you need them, but lets do it without spending a lot of money! Here are 3 very inexpensive ways:)
For those that have a large cutting table, hooks or towel racks can be attached to the side of your table for hanging rulers on as well!
How to store your leftover fabric!

How to store leftover fabric.Using a plastic storage drawer system. This is a sure way to keep your sewing room clean and organized. You can buy these little storage units at Walmart, Superstore and Canadian Tire.