Tuesday, July 16, 2010
Collage Quilts
What is a Collage Quilt?

Collage quilts are the newest trend in the world of quilting! Learn the difference between a traditional quilt and a collage quilt.
Laura Heine Fiberworks Collage

Laura Heine explains her method of the collage process
Doodle Doo Staring the Wright Way Collage Method

Here's a tutorial on the Laura Heine Quilt Doodle Doo. The tips and tricks and Wright Way method (thanks Frances Wright) make it easy to complete. Alain also demonstrates some free motion quilting on their home machine to finish it off. Enjoy....
Doodle Doo Rooster
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Laura's Little Book Of Collage
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Karen Kay Buckley
6" Medium Blue Scissors

Interested learning about collage quilting?
Lisa will be teaching a class this fall!
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