Tuesday, July 24, 2018
B is for Batting!
What is batting? How are Hobbs Batting products made? Learn about the processes, people and attention to detail that go into making our quality batting products that quilters have used for four generations.

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Quilt Batting Boot Camp: How to Quilt with Different Types of Batting

Rob explains and demonstrates quilting with nine types of batting:

1- Cotton Select mid-loft batting.
2- Cotton Deluxe high-loft batting.
3- Bamboo, silk, & cotton blend.
4- Cotton/polyester blend 80/20.
5- Cotton/polyester blend 70/30.
6- Green (Made from recycled water bottles.)
7- Polyester mid-loft batting.
8- Polyester high-loft batting.
9- Wool batting.
Learn the pros and cons of natural fiber vs synthetic and get tips for successfully quilting with either.
How to piece your leftover batting:

You can take all those leftover batting pieces and machine sew them together to make a larger workable piece.This shows you an easy way to make your seams match up with very little waste and a little trick on how to use up even the smallest pieces. How to set up your machine to get the best results will help speed up your job.
Heat Press Batting Together Tape
Don't like sewing your batting pieces together? Why not try Heat Press Batting Together Tape! This is a cloth tape that will fuse two edges of batting together. It's soft, its thin, it stretches, its needle easy for hand or machine quilting. This can be used on any batting fabric content. 
3 sizes to choose from:

3/4" x 10 yds - $6.99
1 1/2" x 15 yds - $12.99
1 1/2" x 100 yds - $67.99
There's still time to save money!
Bring your quilts in to be long arm custom quilted!!!
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Annual Made in Canada
Custom Machine
Quilting Sale
July 2 - August 04, 2018
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1 Quilt take 5% off
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3 or more Quilts take 15% Off

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Lori's Country Cottage has a wide range of batting options. Be sure to check our website for all our quilting and batting options!
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