Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Sewing with Denim!
Sewing With Denim
Tips & Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks for sewing with denim. I'll share with you how to get your denim fabric ready, what thread to use, which machine needle to insert, what stitch length to set your machine at and what tools to use when cutting and pinning denim.
Quilting With Jeans

Jenny Doan shows how to reuse old jeans to make quilts! Jean quilts are unique and extremely durable (perfect for picnics or to keep in the car).
Quilt from
Old Jeans

Here is a great way to use up those old jeans. I used 7 pairs of old jeans and some flannel.
Rug or a Pillow
from Denim

2 interesting ideas from old jeans. They made a rug and a pillow. These are great ideas for home. The rug can be made of any sizes, and you can make a bedspread.

Denim Clutch

Create a denim clutch for yourself or as a gift from recylced jeans or denim purchased from a fabric store!
St. Patrick's Day Desserts

Learn easy and fun DIY dessert ideas for St. Patrick's Day: rainbow donuts, rainbow jello treats, green popcorn, green beer, green hot chocolate and more! Best of all, everything can easily be done at home!