Tuesday, October 01, 2019
Bulky Seams
Tips for Avoiding
Bulky Seams

Sometimes bulky seams can't be avoided, but DON'T panic! Angela Walters from The Midnight Quilt Show has a few tips for how to deal with this quilting conundrum.
How to Reduce Bulk in Quilt Seams

Even though quilt seams are small, they can still get bulky... let's reduce that!
Popping Seams

Best-selling author Carrie Nelson reveals how to "pop" quilt-block seams so your blocks lay super-flat and nest perfectly together with other blocks when it comes time to sew them together. All it takes is a pint-sized pop. A tiny twist. A teeny twirl.
7 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Here are a few recipes for your holiday entertaining and/or family dinner.