Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Time to prepare for time spent indoors!
Travel Tissue Cover

These are soooooo quick and simple to make by Fiona Tully of Two Brown Birds. They make great gifts for teachers or work colleagues at Christmas time, and are also a nice little thought for a sick friend, or someone who is going on a holiday!

Folded Fabric Coasters

Cold snowy weather brings to mind hot drinks curled up in front of the fire or just looking out the window. Here's some quick and easy coasters to place your mug on. They are also great as gifts!
Bowl Cozy

These bowl cozies can be used pretty much every time you are eating something in a bowl whether it be hot or cold. They keep the heat or cold away from your hands.
Note: If you plan to put your bowl cozy in the microwave to reheat soup or something similar please make sure your fabrics, batting and thread are all 100% cotton as synthetic fibers can melt at high temps.
Micro Safe Hot Holders

Cool bowls keep hands safe when removing items from your microwave. Three sizes provide a perfect fit for all your kitchen dishes. Can also be used for decorative storage as well. Washable in 100% cotton. Diameters - SM: 6 1/2” ; Med: 9 1/2”; LG: 12”. NOTE: Must use 100% cotton supplies including bias binding to use safely in microwave.


This item is a pre-order at this time. Please allow 10-14 days delivery time.
Hot Chocolate On a Stick 4 Ways

What better way to warm up on a cold day then to drink Hot Chocolate. Why not try these delicious recipes!