Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Needles & Pins
Needles Sizes?!
What do they mean?

Ever wonder what the sizes listed on a package of needles means? This video will help you understand and make choosing the right needle for you project easier.

Make your own storage box for needles!

This is a great way to store your needles, and think of all the great boxes you can use!

Quilting Pins

One of the most vital tools of quilting, yet often one of the most overlooked. Learn about the importance of quilting pins, and all of the different types that can be used. ZJ shows us her personal favorite pins as well as the main differences between them.
Tossing out old
Pins & Needles

Yes, there is a right way to toss out your old pins and needles. See how and why!
7 Ways to use
Fall Apples

Fall apples are in abundance and what better ways to use them than these 7 delicious recipes!