Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Fidget Quilts!

These quilts are wonderful for individuals with Alzheimer's or
other forms of dementia, ADHD, ADD, or autism.
The Art of Healing
with Fidget Quilts

These beautiful, carefully-crafted quilts are made to be used by people with advanced dementia who need tactile stimulation. Every-day household items are used in the construction of these pieces, and each one of them provides hours of stimulation to patients.
Fidget Quilts

Rob demonstrates how to make a Fidget Quilt filled with fun textures and moveable parts like zippers, pocket flaps, and velcro.

Build Your Own
Fidget Quilt

By making One block at a time you can make this quilt any size. It is a Quilt as you go way of making these fun Quilts.
DIY No Bake
Halloween Desserts

SEVEN no bake Pinterest Halloween treats!