February 21, 2017
Jelly Rolls

Everyone buys Jelly Rolls and then wonders what to do with them. After all there are only so many Jelly Roll Race Quilts anyone really wants to make.

Check out these fun projects!
Everyone loves the look of a Bargello Quilt! They are beautiful and look so difficult to do ... BUT they are really easy! With a little bit of organization everyone can complete this easy and quick project in no time.

Why not try making this Rainbow Bargello using  2 Jelly Rolls. 

Here's a new twist on the bargello called Modern Bargello from Moda Bake Shop!

Or try the Sugar Almond quilt using 1 pattern jelly roll and 1 solid colour jelly roll. 

Lori's Country Cottage has an assortment of Jelly Rolls in the store or check out our website!
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