For almost 50 years, Villa Charities has been a destination and cultural leader for the Italian-Canadian community in the GTA, with support for senior care the pillar on which we were founded.

As our community continues to adjust to the new reality of COVID-19, Villa Charities remains committed to the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable population, our seniors. 

Although our on-site operations at Villa Charities and the Columbus Centre are currently suspended, we want to ensure we are keeping everyone in the Villa Charities family engaged, connected and supported, especially the more than 700 residents in our independent seniors’ apartments: Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto and Casa Abruzzo.

We have implemented numerous programs and services, and with support from valued partners, we will ensure our apartment residents stay safe and healthy and have the support they need at this critical time.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at the Independent Seniors’ Apartments
It is a top priority to keep our senior residents safe, so we have implemented strict protocols for residents and visitors to the apartment buildings.

We have advised all residents to stay home and follow the recommended self-hygiene and physical distancing practices and are providing increased communications in both English and Italian. We are also notifying residents of any health-related news specific to seniors.  
Extra cleaning has been implemented at the apartment buildings with increased staffing and hours of cleaning time focusing on high-touch, high traffic areas (elevators, mailroom, railings, etc.).

We know that this can be a very stressful and challenging situation, so we have created a dedicated “Seniors Support Team” focused on supporting residents during this unprecedented time. This team of four staff members call all residents regularly to ask about their health status. We are also assisting residents who don’t have family members to help with their essential needs, such as providing groceries and medications. 

Food Partnerships

Over the Easter weekend, Eataly Toronto generously donated traditional Italian cakes, which we distributed to the residents in our seniors’ apartments.

Villa Charities is also working with several food partners and restaurants to provide free pre-packaged meals and a basket of comfort grocery staples to the residents.

  • In partnership with Toronto-based food services company The Food Dudes, we will provide pre-packaged meals at least once a week.

  • In partnership with Pizza Nova, we will be delivering Focaccia Toscana to the apartment residents every week, beginning today. 
Donation of Face Masks and Gloves

800 complimentary face masks have been generously donated by Glen Park Pharmacy and DeMarco Pharmacy for the residents, which we will be delivering along with gloves provided by Villa Charities. 

Enhanced TV Access

We are working on providing access to a new Info Channel to all residents through their TVs. This will allow them to view messages and updates from Villa Charities while they stay at home.

Fitness and Cultural Programs 

Villa Charities is also supporting its seniors' apartments residents through outdoor fitness classes. On April 8 th , fitness instructors from the Columbus Centre Athletic Club conducted outdoor fitness classes while residents from Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto and Casa Abruzzo participated in their own home from a balcony or window, in an effort to promote physical activity while also effectively allowing residents to continue social distancing.
This was a great opportunity for the residents to get some exercise, enjoy some music and have fun, all while staying safe, and we will continue with these outdoor fitness classes every week.
We are also introducing Serenata Al Fresco , weekly outdoor performances at the apartments by local Italian-Canadian musicians Claudio Santaluce and Bruno Nesci. Residents can dance and sing along to Italian classics from their windows or balconies.
Fundraising Campaign

Villa Charities launched an Easter fundraising campaign to support our COVID-19 safety measures for the residents at our independent seniors’ apartments. As COVID-19 continues to escalate and as more seniors self-isolate, we anticipate the demands for our safety measures to grow.
Please consider making a donation in support of COVID-19 safety measures at Casa Del Zotto, Caboto Terrace and Casa Abruzzo today.
We will continue to take all the necessary steps and provide enhanced programs and services to the seniors in the Villa Charities family. We hope these initiatives will make their lives a little easier as we all work together to beat COVID-19!

For the latest COVID-19 updates on Villa Charities and the Columbus Centre operations, click here .