We continue to believe that change has to occur in a balanced way, accounting for the ways racism shows up in structural, internalized, institutional and interpersonal levels of our organization. We know our success is dependent on the help, feedback and actions of our individual members.

While our organization’s foundation and values have an established vision of inclusivity, we will be the first to say that we have not done enough to prioritize the education and accountability necessary for lasting societal change. We have dedicated time assessing our priorities and pace in the work ahead of us.

This will not happen all at once, however, we cannot hesitate to leverage the momentum and gained perspective our collective membership is experiencing in this moment. We have the opportunity to widen our initiatives to include a thoughtful look at all minority and marginalized groups. We are prepared to combat the inevitable fatigue with passionate and knowledgeable experts to lead our efforts. We have to remain focused on serving our sisters who we count on to hold us accountable.  

Anti-racism, active allyship and inclusion will not be achieved through a single program or training. Instead, it will exist as a learning outcome in every program, procedure, document and communication our members experience.

We are operating with great urgency. In order to move quickly, we have opted to organize those members who have reached out to us and who have personal and professional experience, to collaborate in small groups to shape the work that will need to be done to address the changes that are needed throughout our organization. Interested in working with us? Or know someone we need to talk to? Email

  • Educate yourself on the history of oppression and white supremacy.
  • Listen to and amplify Black voices.
  • Speak up when you hear a racist comment.
  • Research ways to create change and help enact these changes through signing petitions, contacting government leaders or donating to causes you feel passionate about.
  • Register to vote and use your voice in local, state and national elections.
  • Support Black-owned businesses and Black artists.
  • Acknowledge your privilege and blind spots.

We recognize you may be at capacity at this time. We encourage you to set healthy personal boundaries.

We will continue to share regular updates by email and on our Substance, Character & Influence resource page. If you have additional feedback thoughts, or would like to volunteer your skillset and experience to our ongoing efforts, please complete this form or email us at

In Our Bond,
Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg
Grand Archon
We anticipate that many universities will be announcing their concrete plans for fall course delivery, accommodations and protocols for campus life. We will be closely tracking for university announcements.

Following the formal announcement of your university's plan, you will receive information outlining the fall 2020 dues structure along with a member status survey to assess where you are in your decision making and provide next steps for any necessary status changes. Please stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.
Our aim for the month ahead is to offer something familiar and maintain routine and structure in the absence of academic classes and assignments. Phi Sigma Sigma will continue to play our part to enrich the lives of our members through thoughtful activities and engagement.

CONNECT: June 13-14
ACTION: June 15-21
MOTIVATE: June 22-29
PROMISE: June 30-July 3

We will use the C.A.M.P. platform to continue to provide resources for chapter and individual action in alignment with our current priorities.
Our lead counselors are a group of collegiate leaders from across North America who will promote and host the day-to-day events and activities. And make sure to follow us on Instagram for C.A.M.P. programming and updates.

The purpose of identity groups is to create spaces for Phi Sigma Sigma sisters to connect, share and support sisters with shared experience and identities. Many sisters are already making these connections on an informal basis; by providing members with a dedicated space to network, connect, gain or provide support, explore their identity and share resources, we are in turn strengthening our communities and sisterhood. These groups are open to both collegiate and alumnae members.

Take some time this weekend to foster your sister connections. We challenge you to call a sister you haven't connected with in a while. We love to hear your connection stories! Share them with us at

Phi Sigma Sigma volunteers - Join us on Sunday 6/14 at 9:00 P.M. EDT for our June virtual get together. A lot has happened over the past month, and we want to take this opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities that we are facing as an organization and as individuals. This will be an open dialogue to discuss how you're feeling and how we can support each other as sisters.

If you are interested in leading a fitness class, demonstration or activity, please email
(410) 799-1224 |