April 28, 2017  -  Vol. IX No. 9
International Mediterranean Diet  Month Is Days Away!

We hope you celebrate the Mediterranean diet year-round, but next month is a time to give extra attention to the foods and lifestyles that make up this remarkable way of eating. May is International Mediterranean Diet Month!

For this year's celebration, Oldways created a quiz: "How Well Do You Know Mediterranean Foods?" Take the quiz here to see how well you can match various Mediterranean foods to their country or region of origin. Quiz takers can enter to win a basket of Mediterranean goods, a copy of the Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan, our companion Mediterranean Diet Grocery List Pad, and a $100 Amazon gift card.

Find out more about Med Diet Month, and how Oldways is celebrating, on our website. Here are seven ways you can participate:

  1. Commit to making each day in the month of May Mediterranean: download our printable Make Each Day Mediterranean! Med Diet Month Challenge Calendar, hang it on your refrigerator, and check off the daily challenges as you go.
  2. Join the Mediterranean diet conversation on social media by using the hashtag #MedDietMonth, and follow Oldways on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you don't miss any Med Month posts
  3. Stock up on Mediterranean pantry essentials: extra virgin olive oil, olives, vinegar, garlic, dried spices like cumin and oregano, canned beans, canned chickpeas, dried lentils, chicken or vegetable broth, pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, canned tuna, nuts and seeds.
  4. Try a Mediterranean whole grain that you haven't tried before, such as farro, whole wheat pasta, or bulgur. 
  5. Take last year’s quiz - How Mediterranean Is Your Diet? - to find out how the way you eat matches up with the Mediterranean diet. If you took it last year, see how your results compare!
  6. Stay up to date with the latest scientific research on the Mediterranean diet by subscribing to our monthly Mediterranean Diet Research Digest email. Hundreds of scientific studies show that people who closely follow a Mediterranean diet get many health benefits, while enjoying wonderfully delicious foods. These benefits include everything from better heart and bone health and reduced risk of stroke and diabetes, to longer lifespan.
  7. Try a new Mediterranean recipe – or three! Read on for three quick and easy recipes that together make a delicious Mediterranean meal.

Click on a title or photo below to go to the recipes. Main photo above from fotolia.com.


California Summer Salad 

Tart sun-dried tomatoes complement creamy avocado and fresh mozzarella perfectly in this delicious salad. It's dressed with the flavor-infused oil from the jar of sun-dried tomatoes.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Mooney Farms.

Walnut Falafel with Tzatziki 

Traditional falafel are taken to the next level with heart-healthy walnuts as the star ingredient in this Mediterranean recipe. Serve with tzatziki sauce in a wrap or with salad.

Recipe and photo courtesy of the California Walnut Commission

Hummus with Paprika

A dash of ground paprika adds color and flavor to this classic hummus recipe. Serve with whole wheat pita wedges and cut vegetables.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Mediterra.

Fresh Fridays is a bi-weekly celebration of Mediterranean eating and living. We hope our Friday recipes will remind you just how easy and delicious eating the Mediterranean way can be.