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With over 50 years of industry experience, EPCO Australia has developed expertise in assets across the entire managed water cycle. From inlet works to clarifiers, from aeration to disinfection, from package plants to spare parts, we've got you covered.
Package Plants
Our water and wastewater package treatment plants can be designed to suite 50 to 5000 persons and can be installed in-ground or above. We offer a specially designed package plant for remote locations with zero on-site welding required. With a variety of installation and delivery options, you can rely on our package plants to suit your needs.
EPCO Australia offers a full range of durable and reliable aeration equipment, including both coarse and fine bubble diffusers and high speed floating surface aerators.
EPCO Australia has installed or refurbished hundreds of clarifiers since 1962. We offer a proven design, competitive pricing and many examples of our clarifiers still in operation decades after commissioning. 
Whether you need a sludge mixing, sludge heating or waste gas burning digester, EPCO Australia has the equipment you need.
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