Volume 123 | January 2020
W hole Grains Featured in the Year's Best Diet
You may have already heard that U.S. News and World Report has once again named the Mediterranean Diet #1 in Best Diets Overall. In fact, the Mediterranean Diet also ranked: #1 Easiest Diet to Follow, #1 Healthy Eating Diet, #1 Best Diabetes Diet, #1 Best Plant-Based Diet.

So, what has the Mediterranean Diet got to do with whole grains? A lot actually! Whole grains are one of the key elements of the traditional Mediterranean Diet, which also includes lots of vegetables, fruits, herbs, seafood, olive oil, and beans. While many Mediterranean whole grains are wheat-based – including bulgur, freekeh, farro, spelt, whole wheat couscous, and whole wheat breads and pastas – barley, brown rice, and oats are widely eaten throughout this region as well. 
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Dietary guidance around the world encourages people to eat more whole grains. The Whole Grain, Whole Day infographic and handout are a snapshot of why whole grains are important and shows easy ways to fit them into a busy day.
Register Now for the 2020 Whole Grains Council Conference
Brazil is one of several Latin American countries currently revisiting whole grain regulation and labeling, and this conference will provide an update on whole grain regulation throughout the Americas. 

In line with the style of previous Oldways Whole Grains Council conferences, sessions will also include research updates on whole grain nutrition, food and wellness trends, whole grain culinary innovations and recipes, marketing strategies, and proven approaches for getting more people to enjoy more whole grains.
Calling All Researchers
The journal Nutrients is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Whole Grains for Nutrition and Health Benefits". The submission deadline is 30 June 2020.
3 Ways to Use Oats
Dates and flax seed give this classic oatmeal (oats are January's Whole Grain of the Month ) a delicious, hearty twist! This recipe is easy enough to make everyday, and is the favored morning fuel of WGC staff members during the chilly winter months.

An Oldways recipe
For oatmeal fans who want more protein in their breakfast, adding yogurt and egg does the trick, making this somewhat like bread pudding. Although ⅔ cup of oats contains 3 grams of protein, you’ll get an additional 6 grams of protein by adding the egg, and even more if you top it with yogurt

Recipe Courtesy of the Egg Nutrition Center
A golden layer of baked oats gives this chicken the crunchy deliciousness of fried chicken, but in a much healthier way. Added bonus: it’s a lot less work than frying, since you simply bake the dish for a half hour while you do other things.

Recipe Courtesy of The Quaker Oats Company