December 2017

Ultra Violet - The Color of 2018

It is almost the new year and with it - Pantone announces the new color for the year. 

Ultra Violet
Purple/Violet isn't normally associated with business and yet, it is a color consumers will be seeing a lot of in the new year.

" According to Pantone, Ultra Violet is "a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade," communicating "originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future." It's also associated with "counterculture," "unconventionality" and some of the great artists of our time. Think Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix." (US News)

Let's examine those subliminal messages and what they can mean for our business:

Being known for an original product or original customer experience is a good thing. We think of Ritz Carlton as the original in hotel customer service. We associate Amazon as the original online retailer of books and now they are the largest online retailer 
of all types of goods. Being original in your professional category is a way of standing out from the competition. How will your business be original in the new year? Have you considered custom floor graphics? Change the way people walk into your business, hospital or educational facility. 

According to Inc. Magazine " ingenuity brings together adversity, challenge and difficulty with cleverness, adaptability, perseverance and endurance."
That's a tall order. However, technology has certainly afforded companies with the tools necessary to create an original, transparent and personalized consumer experience. How will your business be ingenuous in 2018? Why not greet your customers where they live with custom vehicle wraps on your fleet? You'll be the talk of the community.  

Visionary Thinking:

Perhaps one of the most memorable visionary thinkers of our generation has been Steve Jobs. He saw a need and imagined a solution that would revolutionize how we communicate, gather information and connect worldwide. Even his approach to exploring ideas was visionary:
  • "So when a good idea comes, you know, part of my job is to move it around, just see what different people think, get people talking about it, argue with people about it, get ideas moving among that group of 100 people, get different people together to explore different aspects of it quietly, and, you know-just explore things." (The Balance)
What new ways of doing business will you explore in 2018? If part of that exploration includes adding the new Pantone Ultra Violet to your large format digital printing this year, give us a call. We operate state-of-the-art digital printers that can accommodate over-sized printing on almost any material available. 

Interested in learning more about the large format digital printing services from E&E? Give us a call.

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