July 13, 2018 - Issue 18-27

Good afternoon, 

Just as I was beginning to think about topics for The Unity Community for this month Anna Watkins, a recent LinkedIn connection, stepped up with an email which included a link to the article I discuss below. Anna offers great insight into character development from a fiction creator's perspective, and then carries that concept into your development of your own character.

Are You the "Character" You Want to be ?

Here's Anna Watkins with a most interesting insight into how we view ourselves... And how we are, and aspire to be, viewed by others. She identifies three areas where we might examine our characters:
  • Having the right values
  • Doing the right things
  • Being the right kind of person
The character you are defines your self-image, and what others perceive. While I think it's most important for each of us to decide for ourselves what "right" is for us individually, a part of that decision would usually be to consider how others view us. 

Some things to think about:
Are you compassionate?
Are you sincere?
Are you loving?
Are you decisive?
How do others see you?
Are these, or other values, perhaps some that Anna lists, important to you? 

It's vital for our own sanity that we incorporate in our own decisions and actions the values we find important. Most of us also find it important to carry ourselves in ways that result in others seeing us as we'd like to be seen. 

These two, our self-view and how others see us, can be different. Especially if you're a quiet introverted person, consciously discussing values in your own and others' decisions and actions can help exhibit what's important to you. Just enough to offer some insight into your thought processes - be careful not to be self-centered or to bore others with this.

Check out Anna's comments on character development, and give some thought to the subject. It'll be time well spent.

John Stevens

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