Volume 1 | August 2019
Secrets to a Great Smile
Everyone wants a great smile. At Moricz Orthodontics we’re here to help you get one! Read on for the secrets to a great smile (hint: it starts with good dental hygiene), a local sports star making it big with a new smile and how you can earn $100. 
For a Great Smile, Focus on Dental Hygiene 
Would you like some secrets to achieving a great smile? Our resident expert, Dr. Moricz, has shared her dental hygiene tips and personal routine with us: 

  • I recommend that all my orthodontics patients use a water flosser. I use mine every day even though I don't have braces anymore. It leaves my teeth clean and even though I drink a ton of coffee, my teeth are pretty white. I credit my white teeth to my Waterpik water flosser. I prefer the Waterpik brand, which is a unit you plug into the wall (the cordless water flossers do not exert enough power to do a good job). Use a full tank of water with a regular tip (not an orthodontic tip) and aim at your gum line, in between your teeth and along your braces. 

  • When you brush your teeth, brush along your gumline with gentle strokes. Brush along the top edge of the bracket, make circles over the entire face of the bracket, brush the bottom edge of the bracket and brush on the inside along your gumline. Do this routine from top to bottom, left to right, in a sequence so you don't miss spots.

  • Using Listerine Zero is a great to reduce puffy gums (gingivitis) and bad breath. The best part is this mouthwash doesn't contain alcohol and it doesn’t burn. It can also be helpful to use a fluoride rinse.

Here’s a quick look at a good daily dental hygiene routine: 

In the morning: 

  • Brush your teeth and gums
  • Use Listerine

During the day:

  • Brush after you eat, when you can
  • The next best option is to rinse with water and chew soft, sugarless gum for a few minutes

In the evening:

  • Use a Waterpik
  • Brush your teeth and gums
  • Floss your teeth
  • Use a fluoride rinse

For some visual evidence of why it’s important to have a good dental hygiene routine, take a look at these photos: 
The first photo shows decalcification stains on teeth caused by poor hygiene.
These two photos are before and after shots that show the results of using a Waterpik with no brushing or any other steps. See what a difference it makes!

By following these simple steps to good dental hygiene, you’ll be laying the groundwork for a healthy, beautiful smile.

On September 24, I’ll be giving a talk to the Sarasota Dental Hygiene Study Club about these very topics. I believe working with dental professionals gives patients the best possible care. We’re all in this together, the professionals and you, the patient! 
Smile Success Stories
One of Dr. Moricz’s patients is a former Lakewood Ranch High School student who was drafted to the San Francisco Giants baseball team this spring.

Grant McCray will start Invisalign soon. He’s always wanted to do Invisalign, and this treatment will work well for his busy travel schedule.

At one point, Grant thought about doing an at-home aligner treatment, but he's glad he didn't because he has to have a fixed retainer and only a licensed dentist can place them. 

Another bonus of Invisalign for Grant? It will better protect his teeth from injury since braces can cause trauma for many athletes if they’re hit in the face during a game or practice.

We wish Grant the best with his new smile and his exciting career! 

"She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are happy healthy and taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Claudia Moricz."
Penny Snow, mother of Grant

Invisalign for Everyone
You might be amazed what Invisalign can do for you. How fast and easy it really is and with the latest technology, Invisalign can treat issues that were previously reserved for braces like severe crowding and fixing buck teeth. Also very young children 8 can do Invisalign.
Created for Convenience
Moricz Orthodontics understands busy lives and busy families. Dr. Moricz herself has two boys, and as a mom, she understands the importance of flexibility for parents. To accommodate your schedule, o ur office is open as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. as well as on many Saturdays.
Refer a Friend Program
We thrive on referrals from happy customers. To reward you for spreading the word about Moricz Orthodontics, we’re offering you $100 off your bill or a $100 Amazon gift card for every new client you refer who starts treatment with us. The choice of reward is yours to make — all you have to do is tell your friends and family members why Moricz made you happy. 
Build it Up
Along with running her practice and spending time with family, Dr. Moricz is also an active volunteer. She loves to help one of her favorite organizations, Habitat for Humanity, and she’ll be participating in its Fall Women Build event in October. It’s a chance for women to take part in the important work of building houses for members of the community. If you feel inspired to join in, contact Habitat for more info about how you can help, too. 
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