March 20, 2020
A World Where Aging Is Honored

How Can You Help
Your Vulnerable Older Neighbors and Friends?
Beth Stern, Executive Director
In these extraordinarily difficult times, Vermonters will rise to the occasion as we always do. Many of you are asking, how can I help older Vermonters? If you are you looking to support your vulnerable older neighbors as we weather the coronavirus crisis, Central Vermont Council on Aging can put your donation to work.  Here is what is needed:
Meals on Wheels

The demand for Meals on Wheels was already high but is growing even higher as more seniors are having to stay at home to protect themselves. You can donate to CVCOA’s nutrition fund which supports all 15 meal sites in Central Vermont, or we encourage you to donate directly to your local meal site or senior center.  
Funds for Emergencies

CVCOA expects to see a growing need for emergency flexible funds to assist seniors with groceries, fuel, transportation, home repairs, housing, and more. In response, we created a new #CVCOAFlexFund. If you donate to #CVCOAFlexFund, your gift will be available to our professional case management team who will allocate funds on a case-by-case basis to CVCOA’s older clients in need of this critical help. 
Unrestricted Donations for All Services

CVCOA continues to accept unrestricted donations which are essential and support all our services, including case management, nutrition, Help Line, information and assistance, access to benefits, dementia caregiver respite, long term care planning, transportation, and volunteer supports. Central Vermont Council on Aging also provides outreach and education services to the older population including Medicare Workshops, individual Medicare assistance, and support groups and education for family caregivers.  
To make a donation online visit and use the drop-down list to select Meals or #CVCOAFlexFund. To arrange for a donation by phone, call Mary Hayden (802)476-2739 for a private conversation. Or you may mail your donation to CVCOA, 59 N. Main Street, Suite 200, Barre, Vermont 05641.   Feel free to call our Help Line 1(800)642-5119 if you need assistance and please call your older neighbors. We are in this together! 
Beth Stern, Executive Director
Central Vermont Council on Aging
 Central Vermont Council on Aging toll free (877) 379-2600 or CVCOA Helpline (800) 642-5119