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How You Can Care for the Caregivers
November is National Family Caregivers Month so we are taking the opportunity to focus on how we can support those who assist their loved ones!


Because many caregivers are so busy caring for others, that they don't take the time to care for themselves. The caregivers need to rest, eat well and recharge so they can be at their best. Did you know that sixty percent of family caregivers also work full or part-time in addition to their caregiving duties?

Here are our tips on how you can help a family caregiver you know.

  1. Listen. Let a caregiver vent! Sometimes they feel like they are alone so allowing them to let off some steam really helps them de-stress.
  2. Help them sort documents such as advance directives. This helps the caregiver make sure the person they are caring for has their affairs in order.
  3. Run errands for the caregiver. Offer to do their shopping, bring dinner or mow their grass.
  4. Send them gift baskets with healthy food, such as fruit!
  5. Make sure the caregiver knows that it is okay to accept help from those who care about them.
  6. Please see the next section to help keep up the spirits of a family caregiver!

We are happy to provide more guidance if you are or know a family caregiver. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Remember that helping the caregiver also helps those they are caring for!

Alice Paxton, CEO
Paladin Life Care
Another Way to Help a Caregiver
Paladin Life Care would like to recognize the amazing family caregivers in the Metro DC area! Just email us their name, email address and up to three paragraphs of why they deserve recognition and we will send them a certificate of appreciation!
Raising Funds for Alzheimer's Disease
The Alzheimer's Association has announced a corporate-sponsored effort to raise funds for research and to support caregivers. Your company can get involved as well! Find out more here!
Safety Reminders as Areas Gradually Open Back Up
As some area businesses and activities open back up little by little, we must be extremely cautious to keep COVID-19 cases from climbing back up.

According to a study of about 200 countries by Virginia Commonwealth University, wearing masks can significantly reduce death rates. Of course, it's also required under many circumstances.
We at Paladin Life Care would like to re-share safety tips about masks to help keep you from becoming a victim. Click on the photo above to link to vital instructions!

Please stay safe!