When April started at the ATC in September 2013 she was a 47 year old active mother of three.  She played hockey in a women's league and would run a few kilometers from time to time.   However, she did not have a lot of experience when it came to strength training or the athlete type training we do at the ATC.

At first she was very nervous and did not display at lot of confidence during her first month.  This can be seen by her demeanour in her 'before' picture above.  Even though her husband Kerry had to drop out of the program due to a pre-existing knee injury April decided to tough it out.

Her goal was to get stronger for hockey and to lose body fat.  She wasn't extremely over weight at 132 lbs but she was what some people call skinny fat as her body fat was a very high 32% and she was shocked when she saw that number.

She soon started making friends and making her ATC training sessions a priority.  Slowly but surely she started ramping up effort and her confidence began to climb. In just over one year April has worked extremely hard to get the amazing results that can be seen in her pictures.  The self confidence that she now exudes is off the charts!

Here are some of the very real accomplishments by this very determined now 48 year old mother of three.

  • Dropped her body fat from 32% to 22% and her weight from 132 lbs to 122 lbs.
  • Got a lot stronger
    • Front Squat: 65lb to 110lb
    • Hex Deadlift: 80lb to 185lb
    • Bench Press: 70lb to 100lb
    • Pull-ups:  0 to 3
    • Push-ups: 40+ perfect form
  • Got faster 300 yard shuttle time: 81 seconds to 70 seconds
  • Always on the leader board for Power Output during indoor cycle rides
  • Second ATC athlete to reach the 50,000 MyZone Effort Points milestone. She is now at 75,000 MEP's.  She finished second in the 2014 MyZone Movers rankings
  • Always on the leader board for any Myzone Challenge. This is an indication of her relentless effort because her recovery is so good she has to work extremely hard to keep her heart rate up.
  • Faster and scoring more goals than ever before in her hockey league
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY her improvement and dedication got her husband Kerry back into the ATC where he has lost 30 lbs. to date

April's Story 

"The atmosphere at ATC is like no other gym I have been to.  Someone is always there to tell you "You can do it!"   I love that each session is coached and you're never wandering around trying to figure out what to do. One day we are lifting heavy, the next day a metabolic circuit followed by a tough indoor cycle ride.  The trainers (Andrew, Chris & Heather) are very knowledgeable and are always pushing us to reach higher.  The MyZone heart rate monitors always show us how hard we are working and in the Indoor Bike room our Power Output and RPM's are projected on the wall so we can see how we are doing against all the other riders.    

April's transformation was so dramatic that some college athletes started calling her a 'Rocket'. The nickname stuck! It is her MYZONE name now


The owner Richard always wants a lot more out of us and it is this culture that he fosters that has lead to these dramatic changes in my life.    


The team spirit and camaraderie is so inspiring and motivating.  It's like the line from the Cheers TV show - Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. l have also made some great new friends at ATC. We often text or email each other for recipes or just to chat.   


With all the stresses of day-to-day living it is great to be able to go to the ATC and sweat. Finding the time to workout can be difficult at times. There is almost always something else I can be doing but being at ATC has become a priority. I always feel energized after working out and I am more productive around the house and at work. With three teenagers and a husband I am time limited but my family knows how important this is It would take a lot for me to miss a training session.   I love feeling the muscles soreness after a tough session. It reminds me just how hard I've worked. I have played women's recreational hockey for about 7 years and the last year and a half I have noticed a definite improvement in my game. I am faster on the ice, don't tire nearly as easy - in fact everyone knows how much I love a short bench and we joke about it all the time. I am also scoring more goals that I ever have in the past :)


Since joining ATC's adult program in September 2013 I have lost 10% body fat and kept it off. Finding something to wear is never an issue anymore. A big part of that is nutrition. I love how we are always reminded that nutrition is key. To continue to eat healthy is hugely due to ATC. I used to think I can eat this, I just finished a great workout. Now I know you cannot out train bad nutrition.   .  

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