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Volume 1 Issue 7          July 2017
Warm summer nights spent outdoors, or an indoor movie night? Why not have both? How cool would it be to watch a great movie, or stream some episodes of your favorite show while hanging outside on a summer night? If you're ready to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level, we can help.  Read more
Ok Google--more cool lighting control
Lighting control--the ability to adjust the quality and level of light for specific situations in a given room-- not only enhances certain experiences, it also saves energy by adjusting usage appropriately. Lutron, manufacturer of light and shade control products has recently announced expansion of its products to integrate with Google Assistant through products such as Google Home, Pixel phone and Android phones with native Google Assistant. We're already a big fan of Lutron; adding another virtual assistant is another cool reason to consider this company.
...And now for something completely retro
In 1933, the drive-in movie theater was invented by Richard Hollingshead. After studying people's buying habits, he learned that movies were the last thing to be given up (after food, clothing and autos). He started experimenting with the idea of an outdoor theater in his backyard in Riverton, New Jersey with a projector sitting on the hood of his car.  If you'd like to go back in time, or experience a drive-in movie for the first time, there are still some around--take a look.  
"Stuff doesn't make you happy, but it's hard to remember how unhappy you are when you are surrounded by spectacular stuff!"
Think of us for special occasions--birthdays, mother's day, father's day, graduations, anniversaries--and we can help make it an even more special event. Home theaters, lighting control, whole-house music, home automation and security cameras--why not give a gift that will really be used? Dad's birthday? A home theater for his football games and movies! Mother's day? Whole-house music for mom to always hear her favorite tunes! Is your child getting married? Give the newlyweds the gift of a home security system for peace of mind. IDS can create the perfect solution for every occasion, and we'll do it to fit your needs and budget.
An affordable way to maintain your systems
If keeping your home technology systems up and running is important to you, let IDS help you maintain your electronic lifestyle and avoid significant down time. A Peace of Mind Service Plan will make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them!
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