Sometimes, you go into the warehouse for one thing and come out with something entirely different.  We're cleaning up and doing inventory to get ready for next season (less than three months, really?!) and found an deal that was too good not to offer to you!  And since you're a loyal subscriber to our newsletter, you get it first.
AM14U2 Final Edition - $99 while they last!

You may remember the AM14U2 from the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts.  We found enough inner and outer plates from this chassis to make about two dozen more of these frames using the AM14U3's end sheet, which is functionally identical.  (There's one cutting indicator mark that moved 1/2" over.) 

The AM14U2 was designed for a few gearboxes that no longer exist, which will make mecanum drive systems difficult to build with these frames.  But if you're a fan of 6WD setups, your ship has come in!

We're selling them as frame-only kits, meaning you'll need your own wheels, belts, pulleys, and gearboxes to complete it. (We're sure you have some of it already, which will make that training or demo robot even more affordable.)  We don't really want to hang on to these for long, hence we're offering them for $99 until they're gone.  

Credit cards are strongly encouraged for these frames, as purchase orders may not be received fast enough to secure one.
Blue Nitrile Roughtop Tread
We've got the tread for your robot's needs!

Whether it's for your drivetrain, your intake, or a conveyor system, odds are your robot needs wheels.  Wheels with replaceable tread are a great option when you can't pull the wheel itself off quickly, and we've got you covered with options!

Green Grippy Tread is a secret weapon of many FIRST Tech Challenge teams, as the material provides excellent grip on foam surfaces without an aggressive tread pattern that would damage it.

Wedgetop is a longtime staple of FIRST Robotics Competition teams, with a soft, pliable tread that's usually more gentle on gym floors.  (We also sell it in a 6" wide roll.)

Pebbletop tread has a chunky, aggressive pattern that is excellent for grabbing onto obstacles.

Roughtop is the most aggressive tread pattern we sell, with incredible grip on carpet.  We offer it in tan nitrile and blue nitrile; blue nitrile is a little stiffer but tends to last longer.

You can attach these treads to our Performance Wheels or Plaction Wheels easily, or make custom runs using alligator clips.  We've also seen short strips used as agitators that help beat game pieces towards a ball shooter or other system; a simple screw sunk into a roller on one end can be surprisingly effective!
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