• Become informed & get involved
  • Identify Military, Veterans & their Family members in your neighborhood
  • Take time to get to know them
  • Ask sincere, open-ended questions
  • Include them in shared-interest activities
  • Share your network & provide other meaningful support
  • Know when they are deployed
  • Welcome them home
  • Chambers of commerce facilitate & feature Veteran-hiring & retention
  • Public schools/Colleges/Universities help military children or Veteran students succeed
  • Faith communities anticipate & meet needs
  • Elected officials craft legislation to incentive Veterans to live & stay in their community, offer discounted services & publicly express gratitude for their sacrifices
  • Healthcare providers & lawyers do their part
  • Community organizations actively recognize, engage & support them
  • Citizens participate in & donate to local Veteran causes
  • The community hosts parades, county fairs & other recognition events
  • Most citizens attend community events that honor & support Military/Veterans

It's not rocket science.
It's people science!