Whatever you do..
Do it with Zest
Act Now for the Good of Yourself and All Others
There is no instruction book, but just like in raising children somehow we instinctively know how to love, nurture, and encourage others to grow into their best selves.

There is no one way to do it. Some parents are soft and quiet. Others have strong voices and bodies.

Some read and reread books and articles to find their way and some prefer to feel, bump, and sense their way through it all.

Some hover closely, offering protection. Some are there as launching pads, and some push the babies right out of the nest, trusting they will fly.

In the end of the day, the successful parent offers unconditional love, refuge, and a safe place for that little being to know they are valued and belong with every other being.

It is time for all of us to take responsibility, as if we are parents, for our world, and to offer a net, a space, arms to fall into or a launch pad for others in our community to take flight so that every being feels they have a fair and unhindered path to knowing they are treasured.

Whether young or old, loud or quiet, intuitive or inquisitive, comfortable or awkward, we must find our way towards creating an inclusive, non-judgmental, forgiving, and unconditionally kind space for all beings to thrive fairly and justly.

Yoga and mindfulness provides one way for us to tune into who we are and who we can be. It allows us to explore our emotions, beliefs, patterns of reaction and behaviors, and to physically and energetically connect with and shift our perspectives and ultimately the people and spaces around us.

Create Calm is dedicated to developing internal guidance systems for external fortitude regardless of who you are, where you are, where you have come from, or where you are going. No one should ever feel helpless or hopeless. Everyone should have the opportunity to find their voice and to know the power to thrive and ignite healing and wellness in others. Right here and now and in every other moment in time, all beings deserve to be heard, respected, and loved.

To make a positive difference we must explore and express our authentic selves. Remove the layers of conditioning, release our deepest fears, and courageously engaging our passion actively for the good of all others. Our styles and methods of doing this deep personal work will vary. In the end, we will each find our unique way to invite change.

Below are some recent resources I have been using to ignite my passion and be my best self. Perhaps these resources will help guide you or inspire you to seek out others and when you feel the most worthless and the most fearful, go wider, dive deeper, and be the source of clarity, stability, and love for yourself and all others.

Together, we can be the eye of the storm, not silently waiting for things to settle, but like a parent cradling a crying child, unconditionally holding a space of peace at the center of all else.

With zest and unconditional love,
Some Favorite Resources
Yoga to Relieve Inner Anger

Inner anger can cause one to have no relationship with Self – feelings of inferiority or superiority, self-destruction, destruction of external relationships or business success, and a lack of self-sustainability.

Anger comes from the place of Agaan Granthi, the fire within – the heart, blood, circulation, diaphragm, digestion – the same place that pumps life itself through us. We can use this furnace, heat, fuel for empowerment or destruction…the choice is ours.

Try this yoga set posted by my friend, yoga instructor, and social activist, Shakta Khalsa, to relieve inner anger and ignite your zest to do good for yourself and others.




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