Marijuana has been legal in California for more than 4 years-
More women are using it than ever - But is it safe?
How are you addressing cannabis use in your perinatal population?
As cannabis has been legalized around the US there has been a decrease in perceived health risks of using the drug.
mirroring reports of increased acceptance and decreased perception of harms.
"Commonly reported sources of information about perinatal marijuana use included Internet searching and anecdotal experiences or advice from family or friends. Few women reported receiving helpful information from a health care provider or social worker. Women perceived a lack of evidence about harms of perinatal marijuana use, and reported being dissatisfied with the quality of information. Most women said they desired information about the effects of perinatal marijuana use on infant health.
 Women who used marijuana before or during pregnancy did not find available information about perinatal marijuana use to be useful, and sought more information pertaining to infant health and well-being. Efforts to reduce perinatal marijuana use should focus on addressing this need in both clinical and public health settings."
Cannabis Use and Perinatal Health:
A Review of Current Research and Strategies for Brief Intervention
Wednesday, June 23, 12:00-2:00PM
Current trends and research
Impact on prenatal and maternal health
Mental health and developmental impact
Evidence based screening
Best practice for brief intervention
Marijuana use and Equity
As New York Legalizes Marijuana, Parent Advocates Push Child Welfare Agencies to Adapt
"With marijuana no longer illegal, advocates for parents expressed hope that its use can be reframed as a personal choice, much like drinking alcohol.
Some parents have enjoyed that privilege for years. White, well-off parents have publicly testified to the calming effects of marijuana, openly participating in groups with names like “Moms for Marijuana.” But Black and Latino parents are often held to a different standard, finding themselves accused of being unfit to raise their children if they use marijuana even occasionally, or simply have it in their home."