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March 27, 2020
The end is near!! Not of the coronavirus, not of shelter in place. Jesus predicts the old things will pass away and new things will be raised up in place of the old things. This should not fill us with terror and fear, but with encouragement regarding the power of the resurrection in our lives. I get it though, we aren't there yet. We are still letting go of the old things. God of the past, present and future, this is hard. To change our routines, to watch others suffer, to suffer ourselves. Give us confidence in the hope of the resurrection. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Tune into Sunday Worship on Facebook LIVE
We'll be going LIVE on Facebook with our Worship Service @ 9:00 am this Sunday, March 29. Please join us!
Click here for the worship folder. Click here for Gods Story Our Story
ZOOM into Sunday School again this week!
Sunday, March 29 @ 10:15 am
Thanks to all the families who joined us last week. It was wonderful to see you and spend that time together!

In an effort to focus more on fellowship and fun, after your kids have done another week of e-learning, we will be playing a fun family game during our ZOOM Sunday School!

Here's how it will work:
  • We will mute one family's microphone .
  • This family will play a song while their mic is muted -- you can pick a church camp song, nursery rhyme, Disney song, whatever -- and sing or lip sync the words and adds motions to the song!
  • The rest of the families have to guess the song.
  • Come prepared because we know the Kramer kids will bring their "A" game!
To join us, simply use this link for ZOOM . Once you click on the link, you will be in a video group chat with Miss Christy and your fellow GLC families who have joined in. A recording will be posted for all who aren’t able to tune in during our LIVE video chat. We hope you can join us!
Our finance team is keeping a close eye on things and working on a variety of projections for our income as we enter a period of uncertainty. The one thing we can’t know is how all of this is affecting your ability to support the congregation. Please know how all of you are in our prayers as you help your kids do school, you do work and we worship in different ways. We know that at least some of you are on furlough or working reduced hours, while others are busier than ever. If you are able to keep up your current giving, please do so. Over the next few weeks, we will share greetings from our council on how they’re navigating their work and their giving in these days. Up first, Kraig Mickelsen.

“During this time of Shelter-in-Place as a small business owner I have set up my team to work remotely while I have continued to work in my office because my work in the financial field is considered “Essential”. It feels like I am here in my office with 3 ghosts as I pass by my team members’ workstations and watch their computer mouse cursors move around as they work remotely from the safety of their own homes. While everyone is concerned about health and the economy the good news is that the banking system and markets (though volatile) are operating efficiently. I am an “old soul” when it comes to my church contributions and have always written checks for my cash contributions; however, over this past weekend I made my first contribution online through the portal provided on GLC’s website and it worked like a charm. I would encourage those of you who have not used the online giving system to take a look. “Clicking Your Contributions” during this time of social distancing allows for God’s work to be done just as passing the offering plate does when we physically worship together. I look forward to passing the plate and seeing everyone in person very soon!”—Kraig Mickelsen, GLC Council Member
Bible Study
Thursday, April 2 @ 9:30 am
We experienced technical difficulties this week and apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to be back up on ZOOM for Bible study at 9:30 am next Thursday. Join us for 40 minutes of conversation and prayer. Use this link for ZOOM.
While we shelter in place and social distance, we understand some people would prefer not to leave their homes to make a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy. We've had several people from the congregation offer to run errands for those who are most susceptible or for parents who are at home with young children. If you are in need of help , please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Trudy or Julie Slifka #generouslifeinChrist
We lift up in prayer
  • The Danly family
  • The people who are sick with the virus
  • The health care workers
  • The people who are struggling with anxiety in this crisis
  • The people who have lost jobs
  • The people who can no longer have visitors
GLC came together for our Wednesday virtual soup supper. Let's keep it going! Take pictures of your soup and your people and post on Facebook! ❤️GLC! #generouslifeinChrist
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