At one of our biggest goals is to find out what you want!

Our September Newsletter is coming out shortly and we want to let meeting planners know what you're looking for.

Nobody is sure when face-to-face meetings will be the "norm" again... but when we are able to regularly get back to on-site exhibit halls - we want to help everyone make the most of it!

Please take a quick moment to answer our one-question quick poll to let us know what is going to be most important to you when you are able to exhibit on-site again.
What aspect is going to be most important to you when choosing your trade shows next year?
High DPM Attendance (quantity traffic focus)
Intimate DPM Attendance (quality interaction focus)
Destination Location (i.e Disney, Vegas, NYC, etc.)
Low-Cost Travel (location within 3 hour-drive of your office)
Niche-Content (dermatology, wound care, practice mgm. etc.)
Broad-Content (wide-range of podiatric lectures & scientific focus)
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